One of the most expensive parts of a self made lathe is the chuck back plate. It would be easy to spend twice the cost of the rest of the machine by buying a cheap imported chuck mount. A piece of cast iron would be best to make one from but the only choice for many will be to cast the chuck mount out of a strong aluminum alloy. Add the steel locking collar as shown it the drawing and keep the lathe speed to 100 rpm or so if there is any doubt about the strength of the chuck back plate. Replace the adapter if it shows any sign of working loose and add a larger safety collar and thicker hub if there is any problem.


TYLER NOTE< Bad pic should be replaced and steel locking collar should be a different color and be wider and have 2 mounting bolts

A flywheel could be used as a face plate and the flywheel ring gear driven by a pinion to get slow speeds without belt slippage.


The flywheel/faceplate can be drilled by a drill motor mounted on the cross slide.

Various attachments can bolt to the face plateFordFlywheels01.jpg


Ring chuck, easy to make, harder to use but widely used for many years. If it has a center point at the rear, a workpiece could be aligned between it and the tailstock center before tightening the bolts and would make using the chuck much easier.

Many other face plate attachments


Almost free cutting tools can be made with broken drill bits and an easily made tangential tool holder.


A type of machining fluid can be made from 1 part used (but filtered) motor oil, 10 parts water and enough dish detergent to get them to mix.

Palm oil is a good machining lubricant.